Port to BSNL: How to port to BSNL from Airtel, Jio and Vi using MNP

Hello, friend Port to BSNL: How to port to BSNL from Airtel, Jio and Vi using MNP article We are going to know the topic clearly. The reason for that is that our friends have a lot of doubts. We hope the doubts will be resolved through this article. Let’s go inside this article.

Many times it happens that the rate of one service provider is cheap but their internet calling speed is very poor, due to which people keep trying to port the SIM card of another company as well.

If you are using a SIM card and you are not happy with your service provider, then you can port your SIM to the SIM card of your preferred service provider and we are going to explain you these steps in very simple words.

Port to BSNL: How to port to BSNL from Airtel, Jio and Vi using MNP

Let us, first of all, let you know that getting the SIM port implies that anything number you are utilizing, the telecom administrator will transform it without evolving it. That is, you don’t have to change the number to get the SIM of some other administrator.

Maybe you can change the administrator on your current number. Kindly note that there is no restriction on SIM porting. You can port the SIM however many times as you need. Simply remember that involving an administrator for something like three months is compulsory. Here we are letting you know how to port SIM

  • To get the SIM port, users will have to SMS 1900 from their existing number.
  • In SMS, you have to enter your phone number by giving space after PORT.
  • After this a unique porting code will come on your number.
  • Then go to that operator’s retail store or use home service.
  • You will need some documents to port the SIM. This includes address proof and passport size photograph.
  • After depositing the port fee, your document verification will be done.
  • After the verification is complete, the existing SIM will be turned off and you will have to insert a new SIM. This whole process takes about 5 to 7 days.

छोड़िये महँगे JIO, Airtel और Vi को – BSNL के शानदार प्लान दिल खुश कर देंगे

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