How to turn autoplay on or off on YouTube

What we are going to look at today is How to turn autoplay on or off on YouTube We are going to be very clear about this topic. We hope that all the skepticism on this topic will be resolved through this article. Users first had access to the YouTube Autoplay function in 2015, and it is now available on all platforms where YouTube is supported.

How to turn autoplay on or off on YouTube

Computers running Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks are included. As soon as you click on a video, YouTube will arrange for a related video to start playing when the original one ends. For instance, the Autoplay feature will queue up a song by the same artist while you’re watching a music video.

If you don’t want to use your device to look for a new music to play every time a video stops, this can be a convenient choice. However, if YouTube chooses something you believe to be the incorrect course, it might be annoying.

How to turn autoplay on or off on YouTube

  • Find any video to play on the YouTube website by navigating there.
    The video controls are visible along the bottom edge of the movie when you move your mouse cursor over it.
  • Find the toggle switch for AutoPlay, which is set to On.
  • Toggle the Autoplay switch to the Off position by clicking it.

How To Turn Off Youtube Home Screen Automatic Play Feature

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