How to Make a Playlist on YouTube

Hey reader! Do you know one thing? Using this article, you can easily How to Make a Playlist on YouTube. Playlists on YouTube are a useful tool for organising your favourite videos for personal use or to share with others. Make a playlist of your favourite tunes or your go-to yoga routines, for instance.

How to Make a Playlist on YouTube

Playlists are a means for video producers to keep viewers interested for longer periods of time and increase the likelihood that their videos will be found in the first place.

How to Make a Playlist on YouTube

  • Look up any musician, song, or video on YouTube.
  • Click the picture or title to start the video.
  • Select Save from the menu.

How to access your YouTube playlists

  • In the YouTube window’s upper right corner, click your user symbol.
  • your channel by clicking.
  • Choose Playlists.

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