How to Download and Install Google Chrome on a Mac

You have chosen the right place. We are sure that this How to Download and Install Google Chrome on a Mac article will fill all your doubts. Let’s go to the article. The default web browser on the Mac wasn’t what you may expect in the beginning.

To everyone’s surprise, Microsoft had made a deal with Apple to pre-install Internet Explorer on Macs. But as soon as the contract was finished, Apple promptly unveiled Safari, their own web browser.

Unfortunately for Apple’s new browser, the Google Chrome browser had already surpassed it in terms of market share. Due to its search and mail services, Google gained Mac users; as of 2019, almost one-third of all Macs have Chrome set as their default browser.

Cross-platform has become the name of the game because there are so few options vying for the same market.

How to Download and Install Google Chrome on a Mac

  • On your Mac, open any browser. Safari is the standard browser for the majority of Apple users.
  • Open a new tab in Google Chrome.
  • Click Chrome Download.
  • Await the download of Google Chrome. Click Download Chrome in the top-right corner of the screen if the download did not begin.
  • To accept and install, click.
  • Click GoogleChrome.dmg once the download is finished.
    Drag the Google Chrome icon to the shortcut for the Application Folder on the pop-up.
    Be patient while Google Chrome copies itself successfully to your Applications folder.
    A pop-up alerting you that Google Chrome is an internet-downloaded app will show up when you launch it for the first time. Click “Open” to continue.
    Use Google Chrome as your browser by launching it.
    updated Google Chrome browser
  • In addition, you can think about ejecting the Google Chrome installer. Open the Finder application to eject your Google Chrome installer. Click the Eject button next to Locations on the left side of the screen.

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