How to create or delete profiles in Netflix – A step-by-step guide

We are going to discuss How to create or delete profiles in Netflix – A step-by-step guide article. This will solve all your doubts. Let’s go into the article. One of the most well-known and widely used video streaming services is Netflix, which offers a huge selection of TV series, films, and documentaries in many different languages.

How to create or delete profiles in Netflix

You can use it to enjoy limitless viewing at any time and from any location. The most current data indicates that this year has witnessed a significant increase in Netflix subscribers. Globally, the company attracted 15.77 million new paying customers as individuals looked for ways to pass the time when the world was under the Coronavirus lockdown.

Thanks to its excellent streaming material, Netflix is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite. However, there are a few easy steps you must take if you already have a Netflix account and want to build a Netflix profile.

How to create or delete profiles in Netflix – A step-by-step guide

In the app

  • Launch the Netflix app, then log in.
  • Tap the profile you wish to delete after tapping the pencil symbol in the top right corner.
  • Tap the “More” hamburger menu icon and choose “Manage Profiles” if you are already logged in to a profile.
  • Tap “Delete Profile” after choosing the profile you want to remove.
  • On the following screen, tap “Delete Profile” once more to confirm.

In a browser

  • Register with Netflix.
  • Then select “Manage Profiles.”
  • To delete a profile, choose it.
  • To delete a profile, click it.
  • To confirm, click “Delete Profile” once more in the new window.

How to delete a Netflix profile

In the app

  • Open the Netflix app and sign in as a first step.
  • Select the profile you want to delete by tapping the pencil icon in the top right corner of your user profile settings.
  • Select “Manage Profiles” from the “More” hamburger menu if you are already logged into a profile. To delete a profile, choose it.
  • Tap the “Delete Profile” option after editing the profile.
  • A new screen will appear and prompt you to confirm your decision to delete the profile. To confirm, tap “Delete Profile.”

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