How To Book Uber Ride On WhatsApp

You have chosen the right place. We are sure that this How To Book Uber Ride On WhatsApp article will fill all your doubts. Let’s go to the article. This week in India, Uber revealed the availability of direct ride booking using WhatsApp.

The new function fulfils its purpose by enabling you to instantly book an Uber ride without having to download the Uber app.

How To Book Uber Ride On WhatsApp

Even while it seems straightforward, some people who try to book a cab via WhatsApp seem to find it complicated.

In this account, we’ll demonstrate how quick and simple it is to order an Uber via WhatsApp.

Contrary to the Uber app, which you must open and log into in order to request a trip, WhatsApp allows you to communicate pickup and drop-off instructions instantly.

How To Book Uber Ride On WhatsApp

  • Users have three quick and easy options for ordering an Uber ride: texting Uber’s business account number, scanning a QR code, or opening an Uber WhatsApp chat by tapping a link.
  • You will receive an OTP, same like on the app, after sending a message to the bot.
  • The user will be asked for the pickup and drop-off locations after the OTP has been verified. Instead of typing, you can use WhatsApp to share your location.
  • Along with fare information and the driver’s anticipated arrival time, you will be given the opportunity to select among a variety of trips, including Uber Go, Auto, Moto, and others.

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