Find files by date modified in Windows

Using this tutorial you will successfully complete the task of Find files by date modified in Windows Let’s go. In Windows 10 File Explorer, you may quickly locate or search for files based on a specified date or range.

View this tutorial to learn how to accomplish it. If you can’t find a file on your Windows 10 computer, you may simply recover any deleted or lost files with the free data recovery programme from MiniTool. By selecting the Search Box in Windows File Explorer, you can search for and locate files.

Find files by date modified in Windows

However, Windows 10 also lets you search for files by the date they were edited by using the search box in the top-right corner. If you are aware of when the file was last edited, you can search for it using a specific date or a range of dates. You may see below how to accomplish it.

Find files by date modified in Windows

  • To launch File Explorer, press the Windows key and E on the keyboard.
  • Choose the drive or folder you want to see the contents’ latest changed date(s) for from the left side-scrolling menu.
  • Enter datemodified (don’t forget the colon) in the search box on the right side of the screen (B).
  • All current drive/folder contents are then ordered from most recent to oldest by the last modified date.
  • You can choose a range of dates by clicking the Date Modified button (A) in the top-center menu after putting “datemodified:” there (B).

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